Our Story

Composites & General has been supplying the local South African Fibreglass Industry and DIY customers with fibreglass, resin and ancillary products since 2007. The company evolved out of a growing demand for the supply, repair and general GRP building materials for the DIY as well as small to medium sized manufacturer. We listen to our customers and source what they want and back it up with great customer service. 

Composites & General is in the process of evolving into a one-stop shop and a preferred supplier of resin and fibreglass to the Resin industry at large. As a small family owned business we place a lot of importance on customer satisfaction.   In  fact,   the  growth of  our   business  is   determined   by  the  positive experience of our customers, creating repeat business and  encouraging new business.  We listen to our customers, and because we are  a small business, we have the ability to be flexible and customize products and materials to our customers’ needs. Sharing our passion and knowledge with customers is, what we believe, will continue to drive us forward.

Composites & General provides Polyester Resins, Gelcoats, Flowcoats, Poolcoats, Pigments, Cloths, Reinforcements, Fillers and Mould release products as well as a 2 part polyurethane paint suitable for floor coating. We also stock epoxy resins for surface cast and deep cast and floor applications. Our customers have the added advantage of obtaining materials in small quantities and convenient sizes not usually available from larger distributors. 

Our customer base includes pool builders and re-liners to boat builders and boat repairers and from construction to auto repairs. We also manufacture and supply a 2 part polyurethane floor paint suitable for high traffic areas.

No matter how big or small your business, whether you are a professional, hobbyist or first time novice, we treat everyone with the same respect and believe all customers should have equal access to the latest materials and the best quality products.  As part of this goal and our commitment to customer service, we will ship any order, no matter how big or small, anywhere in South Africa.

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