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We supply unsaturated polyester resins which are used primarily in the GRP (Glass reinforced Plastics) industry. Our resin is used in conjunction with a hardener known as MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide). The hardener is mixed at a ratio of 1 to 3% by mass of the resin. The hardener reacts with the liquid resin to form a strong, solid mass in the shape of the mould it is applied in.

Resins with reinforcement are used as building materials for a variety application in direct competition with wood and metal in the fabrication of various products. Resins are used in a wide range of industries including construction, marine, leisure, chemical and automotive. Some examples of products made with resin are, boats, canopies, swimming pools, tanks, pipes, auto parts etc. Resin can also be cast to make a variety of items such as ornaments, manhole covers, basins and baths etc. 
Fibreglass is generally used as reinforcement with resin as a medium or binder. Together they form a laminate known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP).
Glass fibre comes in many forms. The most commonly used form is called ‘Chopped Strand Mat’ (CSM). This is consists of randomly placed glass fibres held together either with a powder or emulsion binder. In the presence of resin the binder dissolves and is then able to take the shape of the mould in which it is applied.
A gelcoat is a modified resilient unsaturated polyester resin which is highly viscous and thixotropic. It is used as the initial layer in the manufacture of new items made directly off a mould. Gelcoats can be pigmented to any colour such that the final product need not be painted after fabrication. 

In addition to giving the product its aesthetic appearance, the gelcoat layer offers protection against the environment including resistance to UV light, and water and chemical resistance. Gelcoats must be used in conjunction with a hardener.
A topcoat is also a modified unsaturated polyester resin which viscous and thixotropic. Topcoats include poolcoats, flowcoats and surface coats. Topcoats are designed to be used as a final coating. All topcoats can be pigmented to any colour. 

They are used in applications such as waterproofing (concrete slabs and swimming pools) and on the reverse side of the fibreglass laminates e.g. inside of bakkie canopies. All topcoats must be used in conjunction with a hardener.
In unsaturated polyester resin systems it is important that all additives are compatible. The pigments pastes we supply use polyester resin as a binder and are therefore suitable for use in polyester resin systems. Our pigments pastes come in a wide range of colours and can be added to resins, gelcoats and topcoats. 

Pigment paste addition of 10% by weight of the resin is adequate to give good opacity and coverage on gelcoats and topcoats. Do not add more than 10% pigment paste as this may adversely affect the properties of the gelcoat/topcoat. Pigment pastes will not dry on their own either with or without hardener.
Coremat is a thick fabric used in the laminating process. It comes in various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. It offers stiffness to GRP laminates and applied as a sandwich construction alternating with fibreglass sheeting. Its primary use in boat hull construction where both strength (fibreglass) and stiffness (coremat) are required.

Ancillary products refer to those items generally used together with resin systems. They include products such as:  

  • MEKP Hardener which is added to the resin system to initiate chemical cross-linking which results in converting the liquid resin to a solid 3-dimensional lattice.
  • Release Agents which are applied to the mould prior to fabrication in order to facilitate removal of the product from the mould.
  • Accelerators are used to quicken the gelling (hardening) time of the resin system.
  • Inhibitors are used to extend the gelling (hardening) time.
  • Monomer used for thinning the resin.
  • Thixogel used for thickening resin and for filleting and sticking laminates.
  • Bonding paste is a filled adhesive paste used for filling and bonding.
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