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A Little about us
Who are we
We have been supplying the South African KwaZulu Natal fibreglass industry and DIY customers with fibreglass materials, supplies and ancillary products since 2007. The company evolved out of a growing demand for the supplier repair and general GRP building materials for the DIY as well as the small to medium sized manufacturer.

What we do
We provide Polyester Resins, Gelcoats, Flowcoats, Poolcoats, Pigments, Cloths, Reinforcements, Fillers and Mould release products as well as a 2 part polyurethane paint suitable for floor coating. Our customers have the added advantage of obtaining materials in small quantities and convenient sizes not available from larger distributors.

Our Products

We supply unsaturated polyester resins which are used primarily in the GRP industry.

Fibre Glass
Fibreglass is generally used as reinforcement with resin as a medium or binder.

Gel Coats
A gelcoat is a modified resilient unsaturated polyester resin which is highly viscous and thixotropic.

Top Coats
Topcoats include poolcoats, flowcoats and surface coats. Topcoats are designed to be used as a final coating.

 Our pigments pastes come in a wide range of colours and can be added to resins, gelcoats and topcoats.

Coremat is a thick fabric used in the laminating process. It comes in various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm.

Ancillary products refer to those items generally used together with resin systems.

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